Group of Deviants is in negotiations with Exit 39 Productions for management and label deal. Don't miss the remix contests hosted on their Soundcloud at and AJ's Soundcloud account at other news G.o.D. reached #3 on the ReverbNation charts for rock bands in Philly. AJ announces plans for first solo single since 2007.

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Hope this finds everyone well and enjoying the new season.
The results of the remix competition are in and we did not receive as many remixes as we had been hoping for, on the upside, all submissions will be part of the compilation "maxi-disc" 'In the Groves: The Collective Mixes' which is being put together now.

It was not an easy task even trying to pick a winner, since we had to, because each mix brought its own unique flavor. SliqCue with his African based rhythm and percussion, MAKA MEN with their industrial dub flair from the Ukraine. Then we had am0eba's entry which was like a whole completely new version of the original that we were so impressed it became a collaborative effort which was released months ago and has garnered us new fans from around the globe and Eb Martin's Eflat remix which was viewed as a remix of the original with its outdoor dance party sound and finally we come to the E39 NYC Club Edit by Peter Tanico at E39 Productions, who subsequently signed on to manage us after hearing more of our catalog. So in the effort of fairness I decided to leave this up to the fans before announcing the decision.

Tallying up the plays MAKA MEN has the most plays followed by Peter Tanico then am0eba's followed closely by SliqCue then Eb Martin. Tallying up the popularity across all sites, am0eba's mix comes in first because of the new fans that have been acquired upon hearing that version of the song. Peter Tanico's E39 NYC Club edit has trended more than 5 times since the song went active and has been played on FM radio. So, again, no easy way to pick a winner because everyone's mix has done so well on varying platforms and sites.

But, since we do have to pick a winner and going by all the numbers we are going to have to go with the E39 NYC Club Mix due to its widespread popularity. We were afraid people would see it as fixed since Peter has become our manager and wanted to make it a draw between am0eba and Peter Tanico.

Again, we cannot thank everyone who contributed their time and work to this CD and consider everyone's mix worthy of being released so there are no 'non-winners'. We will keep everyone updated as the CD comes together and is prepared for release.

Unfortunately, we did not come close to meeting our fundraising goal to insure a CD or vinyl pressing, so the plans at the moment are to just do digital distribution.

AJ is nearing completion of his first solo single since 2007. 'Lifted' is becoming quite the track to be proud of. It will have its premiere during NYC's Gay Pride alongside a hot new record by the cast of Days of our Lives, 'Freaks' mixed by Peter Tanico.

Group of Deviants plans to release 'A Universal Love' as a new single shortly after AJ's single is completed with 'Heavy Hearted' to follow shortly thereafter.

Songs are being cut from 'Hello, My Name is Deviant' so the album can be issued. This decision was made because the album was originally supposed to be an e.p. featuring 6 studio tracks and 3 demo versions and has blossomed into a full album. Featured on this CD and made available for the first time to the public will be the full album version of 'ahh' along with 'the radio edit'. The full length version runs over 3 minutes longer than the single version and features lost lyrics and some guitar work that is not to be missed, but what else do you expect from a Group of Deviants track, right? :)

There are 12 days left until the deadline for the 'When the Butterflies Have Flown' remix contest.
The deadline for entries is June 17th. We have gotten some great work and were hoping for a few more.

Remix comps will be announced soon for AJ's 'Lifted' and G.o.D.'s 'A Universal Love'.

Again, congratulations Peter Tanico for submitting the winning remix and thanks to everyone and remember since the winner was to be put on the CD, nobody lost because we are issuing all the submissions on the maxi-disc.

Cheers to all and thank you all so much!

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